Let’s all agree — parents, the community, students and universities should work together for a common goal of safety. Get ACTIVE is a gun safety program for college students.

The program uses pillars of safety that gun owners and the people they love can stand upon.

Take steps to help students be safe in a room that may have a handgun in it. Talking about gun safety is more effective when students can use a safety program built for young adults. Our mission is to help students empower themselves with gun ownership.

Many college-aged children are adults in the law. Their brain function is more like adolescents’ until age 25, though. They make dangerous judgements as they grow up, and sometimes they are young firearm owners and just new to handguns. Negligence can come from ignorance. Be Smarter is a set of practices to develop safer, responsible gun ownership. College is a time to learn important life lessons. Gun safety is essential for everybody, whether they own a gun or are just someone walking into a room where a gun sits on a table.

Making gun security a part of safety is something we can all support. I’m a gun owner and I respect the Second Amendment. Our state can help protect these students.

Ours is a direct message to keep young adults safer: the ones who own guns and the students who live among gun owners. Being smarter means

• guns in houses and cars must be secured;
• ownership behavior safety can be modeled;
• raising awareness of guns through asking
• risk of suicides by gun can be reduced
• students share this message by talking
• ensuring campus involvement includes everyone
• empowering students for safety through responsibility

It’s important to ask everybody how they can help keep these young adults safer in a world where we all practice our Second Amendment rights.