What’s the safety problem that’s taking lives?

Irresponsible gun owners ignore safety practices, and their reckless ownership leads to tens of thousands of accidental gun deaths and gun injuries every year. Guns that are not stored safely, especially in homes, led to deaths — both accidental, as well as a result of suicides.

Gun locks, safes, and six pillars of safe gun ownership will save lives. High schoolers, young adults, and college students can be gun owners legally. Their safety training and safety tools are often not enough to stop tragedies

What is Lock Arms for Life about?

The Lock Arms for Life call 
for change different? Our movement supports firearms enthusiasts as well as people concerned about gun violence. We are not against legally owned rifles and handguns. What we ARE against is irresponsible and unsafe storage of weapons.

How is storage going to make a difference?

Unsecured guns make everyone less safe. We help people establish good practices for safe storage. Like gun locks and how to use them. Like safes where guns are stored. Like habits of storing ammunition separate from a gun. Like always assuming a gun is loaded when you see one, just to be safe.

What are the pieces of Lock Arms for Life then?

There are six pillars of practicing gun safety:

A = Always secure guns in your homes and vehicles

C = Cultivate responsible behavior

T = Think about the risks of suicide

I = Inquire about unsecured guns in others’ homes

V = Voice your concern about gun safety

E = Educate your peers in being ACTIVE

Firearm Safety Rules:

  • Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Treat every single firearm as if it’s loaded.
  • Be sure of what your target is and what is beyond it — keeping your finger off the trigger until it’s ready to fire.
  • Don’t rely on your gun’s safety.

Voicing Your Concerns:

  • Whose gun is that and is it loaded?
  • Would you mind storing it without bullets inside and keeping the ammunition separate from it?
  • Is the safety on?
  • Do you have a safe around here, or at least a cable lock?
  • Will you consider securing it so everyone stays safe?

Why is this just as important as preparing for active shooters?

Gun violence like that takes lots of lives. But gun accidents with weapons that aren’t handled responsibly – so many more lives are lost. It’s not a counting and comparing game. But everything we all do will save lives.

Who we are

Lock Arms for Life is an alliance of safety experts, gun advocates, and communicators working with schools, government, and peace officers to change behavior and laws. We’re a non-profit that relies on contributions and donations from citizens concerned about safety. We work to show both side of the gun question a middle way: a path focused on responsible ownership and safety for all.

So what can I do?

There’s a safety pledge that we have student’s sign where they’ll promise to follow the ACTIVE steps. People also need to hear stories about survivors of gun tragedies. We can help people learn to tell their stories.

If you have kids in school at any age, we can send speakers to talk with them about gun safety. We can send materials for classroom modules. Everybody can help with those things.

This is a program for the young owner of firearms. The brain doesn’t mature until we’re 25. You can own a gun and still make decisions that are not mature. We can help college-age kids with that.

This is a conversation we have to start early, like the ones about texting and driving, safe sex, or mixing being under the influence with anything dangerous like firearms. You can have those talks with the kids in your lives, whether they’re your children, or nieces and nephews, or friends.

How else can I support your safety work?

Your donations and contributions to Lock Arms for Life help fund the communications and educational materials we use with communities. Publicity to gain the attention of media is a very real expense, for example, that donations will underwrite. We put safety kits, communications materials like bumper stickers and safety cards for hospitals into the campaign for gun safety. Your donations save lives. Get in touch with us so we can process your donation and continue to teach gun safety.

Isn’t there something out there already about gun safety?

Yes, there are many programs, but we have a focused message. We’re going beyond what the NRA says about safety, a message for small children. We’re going beyond the message of Be SMART, also a program for parents of children who are too young to own a gun.

What’s the bottom line?

If you remember nothing else, just know that when they’re not in use, firearms should be safely stored for everyone’s safety. Gun ownership is a right, yes, and safe storage is a responsibility. Help us save lives from the unintended consequences of unsecured firearms. Let’s all Lock Arms for Life.