Over the long holiday weekend I attended two events. First, on Saturday I was at the Women’s MarchATX2020 on the Capitol grounds talking to crowds about gun safety.

Then, that following Monday you could find me at the Martin Luther King Celebration chatting up those folks, eating some good fried chicken and handing out a few gun locks to owners who needed to lock up their guns. Donations during the day are going to pay for more locks to save more lives. Jon would have been surprised.

We were all ready for the big day at the Women’s march. We collected our first $75 dollars of the year for gun locks.

Interview of the day for area TV. Can you guess what I was talking about?

Kids are so creative when it comes to sharing my message.

Everyone shared in the fun of keeping Texans safe. Wearing those shirts with pride.

Free t-shirts and a good cause were a hit with these ladies.

I wrapped up the afternoon with a coming together of the minds between me and Austin City Council member Alison Alter. We both want APD to do better distributing gun locks.